Witch trials at the ABC

WITCH TRIALS: The ABC main news bulletin tonight at 7pm was a propaganda masterclass. The ABC is the headquarters of political correctness in Australia, and tonight they attacked three people:

  1. Denis Jensen – Castigated for bringing up the topic of remote aboriginal communities unfavorably (we covered his speech here and here).
  2. Tony Abbott — Castigated for pointing out the dangerous delay in acquiring new submarines (we covered his comments here).
  3. Cardinal George Pell — Hounded for not doing enough in response to sexual abuse allegations, decades ago (see here and here).

What do all three have in common, apart from being conservatives? Might just be coincidence, but they have all spoken out publicly against the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. Jensen was even called a “climate change denier” on the news, while being reprimanded for raising the topic of some aboriginal lifestyles.

In each case the merits of their case was not canvassed, just how others disagreed with them (“widely condemned”), and especially how “good” people disagreed with them. Each is threatened with the loss of their job and livelihood, and held up to public ridicule on a selective presentation of facts.

One-sided evidence, public trial with no defense, then the sentence — Off with his job!

Meanwhile those with the approval of the PC mob do far worse but escape scot-free.

It is well past time to end the public subsidies for the PC bullies at the ABC. No more public funding for the ABC “News” Department.