18C to face constitutional challenge over racial problem in QUT computer lab

PC RACISM: Brandis may intervene when High Court hears race act’s validity, by Hedley Thomas. Queensland University of ­Technology students accused of racial hatred under the Racial Discrim­in­ation Act have lined up its ­section 18C for a constit­utional challenge. The background — Racial stoush erupts over QUT computer lab:

A woman employed in a top Queensland university’s indigenous unit is seeking almost $250,000 in damages from jobless students, academics and others in a new legal challenge relying on Australia’s racial discrimination laws. …

The case was triggered after three students, who wandered into the university’s computer lab at the Oodgeroo Unit in May 2013 looking for a place to use a computer, were asked by Ms Prior “whether they were indigenous”.

Ms Prior, a Noongar woman from the Ballardong nation in Western Australia, said: “The three men told (me) that they were not indig­enous.”

She asked the students to leave the unit and they went away. An hour later a Facebook page, called ‘QUT Stalker Space’, featured a post from one of the students, Alex Wood: “Just got kicked out of the unsigned indigenous computer room. QUT (is) stopping segregation with segregation.” Another student, Jackson Powell, wrote on the Facebook page: “I wonder where the white supremacist computer lab is.”

There were no signs warning visitors that the Oodgeroo Unit at QUT was off-limits to non-indig­enous students. It is understood that the university has expressly rejected the suggestion it condones racial segregation.

See the graphic.

So why does the university say there is no racial segregation, when their employee Ms Prior apparently enforces racial segregation? How come the apparent racial segregator gets to sue her victims?