The Moral Rot at the Heart of “Refugees Welcome

The Moral Rot at the Heart of “Refugees Welcome”, in The American Interest.

A direct, one-way plane ticket from Istanbul to Berlin this Friday can be found for as little as $44. People smugglers, on the other hand, will charge between $800–$1300 (and up) for a seat on a rubber raft from Turkey to Greece. Then there’s the $335-435 charge to get between certain countries in the Balkans and southern Europe. And at each leg, there’s a chance of death—by drowning, by suffocating in a truck.

So if refugees are so welcome, why not just fly them in? Why does Merkel’s Blunderkreig have to be an endurance event for the mascots?

Right now, a series of do-gooder decisions have turned the journey from Syria and Africa to northern Europe into the Hunger Games. Is that really what moral policy looks like?