The real reason Donald Trump is winning

TEA PARTY TRIUMPHING: The real reason Donald Trump is winning: No one thought it was possible, by Daniel Drezner.

Most of the political analyses concluding that Trump would not win were based on [the argument] that the reason insurgents are rarely successful is that party elites coalesce around an establishment front-runner, giving that person a commanding edge in resources, news coverage and endorsements over any alternatives before the voting starts and before most of the public is really paying attention.

The whole reason smart analysts believed that Trump had no chance was because they thought GOP leaders would eventually strike against him. But that didn’t happen.

That article is in the Washington Post, which strongly leans to PC and so totally ignores or misunderstands the Tea Party and the actual motivations of voters who vote for Trump and Cruz.

A better explanation is that the Tea Party grows stronger year by year as the Republican establishment acts like Democrats-lite. Think immigration. Trump and Cruz are Tea Party; Rubio used to be Tea Party but fell in with the Republican establishment over immigration.

Rubio only did well in Virginia, in the suburbs of DC, which is where the Republican establishment actually lives. Also in Minnesota, one of the more left wing states, and famously the only state to vote for Walter Mondale over Ronald Reagan in 1984.

hat-tip Matthew