The Suicide of the GOP Establishment

WHY RUBIO IS LOSING: The Suicide of the GOP Establishment, by Laura Ingraham.

If Marco Rubio becomes president, we can expect:

  1. That he will work with Democrats and the GOP leadership in Congress to pass something that looks like the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.
  2. That he will urge Congress to pass any trade agreements that Obama has signed.
  3. That he will send significant numbers of U.S. troops to the Middle East.
  4. That his foreign policy will be developed by many of the same people who advised George W. Bush.
  5. That his economic policy will reflect the views of those who were in power when the United States was hit by the economic crisis of 2008.

Now, I don’t think any of these points are truly controversial. Somewhere, there may be naïve people who actually believe that Rubio will put border enforcement first. But all sophisticated analysts of politics — including the folks at National Review — certainly expect that a President Rubio will support the same type of amnesty that was supported by Sen. Rubio. . …

Time and time again, grassroots and movement conservatives have expressed their opposition to all five of the key planks in Rubio’s platform…. These voters have tried, through every means available, to make their opposition felt. …

But from the beginning, most of the Rubio supporters have made it clear that they are only willing to support two people: Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. They have shot down every other candidate who has been offered. And many have publicly and privately threatened to bolt the party and support Hillary Clinton if they don’t get their way.

Furthermore, the Rubio supporters have, for the most part, flatly refused even to debate the policy issues at stake here. They will not even discuss changing our trade policy. They make some noises about immigration enforcement, but this is not done in a spirit of compromise, but with the arrogance of those who know that no one really expects them to change their views if they win.

For all the complaints about Trump’s policy generalities, Establishment GOP types have not even pretended to engage in a serious debate. Their offer is simple: You do as we say, or we will throw the election to Hillary.