Refugees buying one-way tickets home after finding Germany intolerable

Refugees buying one-way tickets home after finding Germany intolerable, by Erik Kirschbaum in the LA Times, which is notably PC:

…a small but growing number are heading home.

The reasons are myriad, but include overcrowded refugee centers, exasperating bureaucracy, unfamiliar German food, a lack of jobs and a spreading sense of resentment from Germans who fear their country is being overrun by Muslims.

Many refugees say they are now happy to trade a cold, heartless and lonely life in one of Europe’s richest countries for the violence, insecurity and poverty back home. And they say they have realized, rather belatedly, that smugglers had sold them a pack of lies about big houses, well-paying jobs and the life of luxury they would find in Germany. …

Abdulla, like many of the refugees, had come to Germany [from Iraq, not Syria — “refugee”?] on his own and figured his family could follow. But the German government, fearful that the number of refugees could increase fourfold if families were reunited, temporarily suspended the rules last year that allowed refugees to send for their family members.

Now it could take two to five years or more before their families might be allowed to move to Germany — an intolerable wait that is one of the main reasons that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of refugees are giving up on Germany every week, even as up to 3,000 arrive every day.

People who go back home merely because they don’t like the conditions in safe Germany weren’t really “refugees”, were they? And what sort of “refugees” leave their family behind for a few years?