Woman Dismembered by Imam for Wearing a Bathing Suit

RELIGION OF PEACE: Woman Dismembered by Imam for Wearing a Bathing Suit, by Baron Bodissey. An imam named Muhammad Zulkifal is on trial in Italy for murdering two of his fellow Pakistanis for the crime of wearing bathing suits at the beach. At least one of the victims, a woman, was dismembered.

Zulkifal has always claimed “the role of moral guardian of the community and the right to inflict exemplary punishment to enforce divine law.”

The double murder was accidentally discovered by investigators … a young Pakistani woman with her face swollen, her arms amputated at the elbows and legs to the knees. The limbs were placed close to the body, “according to the technique used by the Taliban” the investigators had highlighted.

Islam is not just a religion, it’s also a political movement. It’s the political movement that is not compatible with the West.