Socialism a threat to our food supply

SOCIALISM A THREAT TO OUR FOOD SUPPLY: Imminent Starvation, by iloveag.

People are going to starve. In the United States. In Australia. In Europe. All over the world.

Within a market-based economy in which the sanctity of private property is honored and protected, if food begins to get scarce, a monetary incentive arises for producers to produce more. …

Actions are taken over a period of time, through government coercion, with the (not to be spoken of) threat of physical force. What individuals will not do themselves in polite society, they are happy to have done with the imprimatur of Government. They support collective action that accomplishes the goal without offending their own highly-developed sensitivities.

“Voluntary” agreements mandate to producers how and when to do things, definitions of “best practice” and sustainability are government-imposed.

Language is twisted. … Productivity gains disappear. Efficiency dwindles. Profits plummet.

Producers find it easier to “join them” rather than trying to “beat them.” They leave production and go into retail, service, trading, government jobs. The weight upon the shoulders of the remaining producers burgeons.

Who could deride them for softly declaring, “Let them enjoy the fruits of their policies!”?

We have arrived at such a point.

“Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread.” — Thomas Jefferson