Cultural disconnect about the value of work leads to political revolt

LET THEM EAT CAKE:  The cultural disconnect about the value of work explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and the future seems so uncertain, by Mark Hemingway. Hillary Clinton, when recently asked about advice to her college self, gave the “don’t take a job just for the money, do what you love” answer.

The truth is, [“do what you love”] is simply not an option for most people. When it’s 39 degrees [Fahrenheit] and raining in February, do you think the guy who picks up your trash is staring at your acrid, bacteria-laden refuse at 6 a.m. and saying, “Thank God, I love what I do”? …

If any one issue defines this election, it’s economic stagnation. Many Trump supporters in the GOP feel left behind by the twenty-first-century economy. They’re angry about it, because our “follow your bliss” culture doesn’t begin to appreciate coal miners or people who work in brake disc factories, even as it obsessively venerates empty celebrity and people like social media executives and hedge fund managers who are filthy rich in spite of the fact their contributions to society aren’t very tangible. Combine that with the self-loathing these guys feel from, say, being laid off and having to fake a fibromyagia diagnosis so they can collect disability and feed their families, and you have tremendous resentment


Millennials and many other progressive types now feeling the Bern seem to have been sold a bill of goods about how we live in post-scarcity techno-utopia. They can’t understand why they can’t “do what they love” without financial realities being such a killjoy.

What “progress” has wrought:

If you’re a gun owner, object to being forced to bake a wedding cake, or a traditionally Democratic voter who still holds same decidedly unprogressive opinions that Clinton herself held five minutes ago, her 2016 campaign is likely to respond to your concerns with blog post festooned with Taylor Swift GIFs explaining why you’re the anti-Christ.

Reaches an interesting conclusion:

It seems as if twenty-first-century America has lost the capability to make value distinctions about economic success. … The good news is that principled conservatives and principled progressives are finally starting to find points of agreement on the damage that crony capitalism has been doing to this country.

Charles Murray on Trump’s appeal

TRUMP’S APPEAL. Ok, this will complete the posts on Trump for now, but it is one of the most insightful. Charles Murray writes about the central truth of Trumpism:

But the central truth of Trumpism as a phenomenon is that the entire American working class has legitimate reasons to be angry at the ruling class. During the past half-century of economic growth, virtually none of the rewards have gone to the working class. … The real family income of people in the bottom half of the income distribution hasn’t increased since the late 1960s.

During the same half-century, American corporations exported millions of manufacturing jobs, which were among the best-paying working-class jobs. They were and are predominantly men’s jobs….

During the same half-century, the federal government allowed the immigration, legal and illegal, of tens of millions of competitors for the remaining working-class jobs. Apart from agriculture, many of those jobs involve the construction trades or crafts. They too were and are predominantly men’s jobs …

Add to this the fact that white working-class men are looked down upon by the elites and get little validation in their own communities for being good providers, fathers and spouses—and that life in their communities is falling apart. To top it off, the party they have voted for in recent decades, the Republicans, hasn’t done a damn thing to help them. Who wouldn’t be angry?

Trump tactics will beat Clinton but struggle against Sanders

CLINTON IS NOW TOAST. Democrats need to seriously and pragmatically assess their strategy for defeating Trump. A Clinton run would be disastrous; Bernie Sanders is their only hopem by Nathan J. Robinson. A convincing article that the only person who might beat Trump, oddly enough, is Bernie Sanders:

But for Donald Trump, sensationalist distractions are the whole game. He will attempt to crucify her. And it is very, very likely that he will succeed. This campaigning style makes Hillary Clinton Donald Trump’s dream opponent. She gives him an endless amount to work with. The emails, Benghazi, Whitewater, Iraq, the Lewinsky scandal, Chinagate, Travelgate, the missing law firm records, Jeffrey Epstein, Kissinger, Marc Rich, Haiti, Clinton Foundation tax errors, Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest, “We were broke when we left the White House,” Goldman Sachs… There is enough material in Hillary Clinton’s background for Donald Trump to run with six times over. …

Trump’s various unique methods of attack would instantly be made far less useful in a run against Sanders. All of the most personal charges (untrustworthiness, corruption, rank hypocrisy) are much more difficult to make stick. The rich history of dubious business dealings is nonexistent. None of the sleaze in which Trump traffics can be found clinging to Bernie.

Robinson is a sociology PhD from Harvard, a self-confessed bleeding-heart liberal who despises FOX News. So he finishes with:

So much depends on stopping Trump; a principled defeat will mean nothing to the deported, or to those being roughed up by Trump’s goon squads or executed with pigs’ blood-dipped bullets.

The media is probably going say a lot of this last sort of thing for the next five years.

White conservatives react to demographic and ideological pressures

THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN BEYOND THE PALE A YEAR AGO: Deport Them All and Let God Sort Them Out, by Lawrence Murray.

White conservatives are watching the United States tumble demographically and ideologically and are reacting to it by themselves.

Unlike the pet populations the left is so used to gaming for votes, they have enough agency to favor policies outside of wealth redistribution and affirmative action.

Nativism and national self-interest are becoming mainstream because people want them.

Diversity: A Civilizational Nightmare

IT’S MUCH OVER-RATED. Diversity: A Civilizational Nightmare, by Fred Reed, as genially anti-PC as ever.

Diversity is by a wide margin the worst nightmare facing the US…. So what should America’s response be? Isn’t it obvious?

Yes! It’s so clear! We should import more weird, backward, dull-witted, useless, and inassimilable civilizational disasters, many of which have produced nothing more technologically challenging than the pointed stick. What could be a better idea?

And once we’ve got them, there’s no getting rid of them.

“Safe” schools sex education sounds like grooming: George Christensen

“SAFE” SCHOOLS: Sounds like grooming: George Christensen.

A conservative government backbencher has issued a graphic critique of a schools program focused on gay and lesbian issues, accusing it of condoning child grooming.

George Christensen says the Safe Schools program recommends pornographic content, sex shops, sex clubs and adult communities to school kids in the name of an anti-bullying initiative.

He said the program had links to websites that advised kids about chest-binding, penis-tucking and gay sex and gave instructions to children about unblocking websites without their parents’ knowledge.

“The parents would probably call the police because it would sound a lot like grooming work that a sexual predator might undertake,” Mr Christensen told parliament on Thursday.

Family First senator Bob Day said the Safe Schools program had nothing to do with preventing bullying, labelling it “anti-parent”. Parents were not being consulted and children were being exposed to ideas contrary to the values of their families.

UPDATE: The program is defended at the Huffington Post by the usual suspects:

Christensen’s comments have been met with furious backlash.

“To compare a program that’s about helping young people to ‘grooming’ is utterly reprehensible. It’s profoundly offensive and deeply hurtful,” Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

“The Prime Minister should condemn this homophobia, rather than indulging it through this senseless investigation into safe schools.”

Turnbull in muddle over “safe” school sex education

“SAFE” SCHOOLS: Malcolm Turnbull warns MPs over Safe Schools debate. What a muddle from the Member for Wentworth!

On the one hand Turnbull wants  you to be careful about what you say about a program teaching sexual orientation and transgender issues to 11-year olds, because, you know, “the kids”.

But on the other hand, his government is perfectly OK with teaching said program to “the kids” in school without parental permission.

hat-tip Emma Hanson

Why Trump is more popular than Libertarianism

MOVE OVER RON PAUL: Why Trump is more popular than Libertarianism, by commenter Massimo at Steve Sailer’s:

Libertarianism is a coward’s ideology. It’s an attempt by white males to argue in their own interest by ideological means instead of arguing plainly for what’s in the interest of their own blood and culture like every other ethnic group does.

Every libertarian ideal has been turned against them by their ideological opponents. To be a libertarian you have to believe in open borders and free trade (or make some Rube Goldberg argument about why it’s more libertarian to believe otherwise) despite the fact that this is dispossessing and impoverishing white males who make up 99.9999% of all the libertarians that ever were or ever will be.

To be a libertarian means to choose liberty over survival because how can you be a libertarian if you let sanity trump laissez-faire? In the future, when the last libertarian is bludgeoned to death with the last copy of Atlas Shrugs by some black panther militia man, he’ll be bitching with his dying breath about violations of his property rights and voluntary agreements.

Why Trump is popular (imagine if Japan…)

WHY TRUMP IS POPULAR: Check out this comment by boomerexpat at Steve Sailer’s:

I live in Asia and when an Asian asks me about why Trump is popular, this is a way I use to explain it.

If you really want to understand Trump’s appeal, just look at the fact that 45% of US citizens don’t pay taxes because they don’t make enough due to jobs increasingly being low-level service work with many of the higher level jobs being taken by H1B.

Then combine it with this scenario – imagine the head of Japan announces:

  1. Japan is opening its borders and plans to make the majority of the country Chinese and Muslims.
  2. Japanese privilege classes will begin in all schools to combat Japanese racism and the country will begin eliminating Japanese cultural events as non-inclusive.
  3. Japanese will pay more taxes to subsidize these workers who for the most part won’t be pay taxes.
  4. Crime and terrorism will go up but that is unavoidable and Xenophobic to mention.
  5. When any business employs a majority of Japanese ethnics, there will be a discussion of the “Japanese problem”.
  6. Preferences will be given in hiring to the newcomers.
  7. Any negative comments about what is going on will be clamped down on because if you don’t like this cultural cleansing you are Hitler.

… The [Japanese] would never let that type of scenario develop in their own country.

Trump wave on the way

KARMA: A Trump wave is on the way: As plebes make the Donald increasingly acceptable, expect elite Trump supporters to come out of the closet, by Glenn Reynolds.

Both America and Britain have developed a ruling class that is increasingly insular and removed from — and contemptuous of — the people it deigns to rule. The ruled are now returning the contempt.

But while there’s a class component here … it may be that the lower classes are expressing their views more openly because they have less to lose. Express the “wrong” opinions in British or American politics or academia and it’s the (figurative) gulag for you.

But when enough ordinary voters express an opinion, the elites may feel safer, too. … People tend to hide unpopular views to avoid ostracism or punishment; they stop hiding them when they feel safe. This works until something breaks the spell and the discontented realize that their feelings are widely shared, at which point the collapse of the regime may seem very sudden to outside observers — or even to the citizens themselves. Kuran calls this sudden change a “preference cascade,” and I wonder if that’s not what’s happening here.

PC was inspired and bankrolled by Communist Russia

HOW MUCH OF PC WAS INSPIRED AND BANKROLLED BY  COMMUNIST RUSSIA? In Suicidalism, public intellectual Eric Raymond suggested back in 2005 that the ugly streak of nihilism and self-loathing that afflicts too many Western intellectuals

was brought to us by Department V of the KGB, which was charged during the Cold War with conducting memetic warfare that would destroy the will of the West’s intelligentsia to resist a Communist takeover. This they did with such magnificent effect that the infection outlasted the Soviet Union itself and remains a pervasive disease of contemporary Western intellectual life.

We call it PC, Eric calls it “suicidalism”, but the main ideas are:

  1. There is no truth, only competing agendas.
  2. All Western (and especially American) claims to moral superiority over Communism/Fascism/Islam are vitiated by the West’s history of racism and colonialism.
  3. There are no objective standards by which we may judge one culture to be better than another. Anyone who claims that there are such standards is an evil oppressor.
  4. The prosperity of the West is built on ruthless exploitation of the Third World; therefore Westerners actually deserve to be impoverished and miserable.
  5. Crime is the fault of society, not the individual criminal. Poor criminals are entitled to what they take. Submitting to criminal predation is more virtuous than resisting it.
  6. The poor are victims. Criminals are victims. And only victims are virtuous. Therefore only the poor and criminals are virtuous. (Rich people can borrow some virtue by identifying with poor people and criminals.)
  7. For a virtuous person, violence and war are never justified. It is always better to be a victim than to fight, or even to defend oneself.
  8. But “oppressed” people are allowed to use violence anyway; they are merely reflecting the evil of their oppressors. When confronted with terror, the only moral course for a Westerner is to apologize for past sins, understand the terrorist’s point of view, and make concessions.

There, PC summed up in eight propositions.

Trace any of these back far enough (e.g. to the period between 1930 and 1950 when Department V was at its most effective) and you’ll find a Stalinist at the bottom. … Stalinist agitprop created Western [PC] by successfully building on the Christian idea that self-sacrifice (and even self-loathing) are the primary indicators of virtue. …

I think it’s important to understand that, although suicidalism builds on some pre-existing pathologies of Western culture, it is not a native or natural development. It is an infection that evildoers and their dupes created and then spread as part of a war against the West; their goal was totalitarian control, and part of their method was to talk the West into slitting its own throat.

Read the whole thing, including a supporting source.

This graph is suggestive, as the “feminism” meme took off in the ’60’s then stopped growing in the ’90’s soon after the USSR collapsed. Maybe just a coincidence.

See also Gramscian damage and Ideological Subversion.

hat-tip Matthew’s research department.

Replacing Germans: 3.6m refugees by 2020

REPLACING THE NATIVES: German official denies 3.6m refugees by 2020. Germany took in 1.1 million migrants last year. The total population of Germany is 81m.

Germany’s population will grow weakly in the next few years before turning down for good. By 2060, the population will fall to between 68 million and 73 million people.


Germany has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Approximately 3.0 to 3.5 million Muslims live in Germany, and 80% of them do not have German citizenship; 608,000 are German citizens.1 100,000 of them are German converts to Islam

Otto von Bismarck: “Never believe in anything until it has been officially denied.”

Rotherham abuse trial: Six guilty of sex offences

RAPE CULTURE: Rotherham abuse trial: Six guilty of sex offences. Convicted of the “systematic” sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rotherham. No mention of “Muslim” or “Islam” in this BBC article.

If you watched the ABC News over the last two years, you could not have missed story after story about Rolf Harris, though it was not obviously clear what he did wrong. Anyway, he was hounded and is in prison. On the other hand, you might have missed the news about the Rotherham Muslim sex gangs, who raped 1,400 young girls over 16 years and persisted despite numerous complaints because authorities were afraid of being called “racist” if they tacked it. The ABC News mentioned it only once, briefly, well into an episode, AFAIK — “there, covered, can’t complain we didn’t mention it.”

PC types scream about rape culture at white guys, but refuse to recognize a real rape culture — a prime example of PC double standards and selective enforcement for political advantage.

Historic world economic disaster looms as central banks out of ammo

HISTORIC WORLD ECONOMIC DISASTER BECKONS: Out of ammo? Even the Economist, that mouthpiece of big-government, establishment economic thinking, can see that the end is nigh for “responsible” manufacturing-new-money-and-giving-it-to-your-friends. (Have you noticed that there is an awful lot more money around than there was say 20 years ago? We talk of trillions of dollars now. Did you get any of the newly-manufactured money? Me neither, except maybe a house loan.)

One fear above all stalks the markets: that the rich world’s weapon against economic weakness no longer works. Ever since the crisis of 2007-08, the task of stimulating demand has fallen to central bankers. … Despite central banks’ efforts, recoveries are still weak and inflation is low. Faith in monetary policy is wavering. …

The time has come for politicians to join the fight alongside central bankers. The most radical policy ideas fuse fiscal and monetary policy. One such option is to finance public spending (or tax cuts) directly by printing money—known as a “helicopter drop”. Unlike QE, a helicopter drop bypasses banks and financial markets, and puts freshly printed cash straight into people’s pockets. The sheer recklessness of this would, in theory, encourage people to spend the windfall, not save it. (A marked change in central banks’ inflation targets would also help: see Free exchange.)

Another set of ideas seek to influence wage-and price-setting by using a government-mandated incomes policy to pull economies from the quicksand. The idea here is to generate across-the-board wage increases, perhaps by using tax incentives, to induce a wage-price spiral of the sort that, in the 1970s, policymakers struggled to escape.

Oh! Who can see inflation coming?

Keynesianism and three centuries of ever-bigger banking-and-government is reaching its logical endpoint. Bad policy and unreal ideas matter — they just aren’t (to use their favorite word) sustainable.

Stepford student on seeing the light

INSIGHT:  A Stepford student on seeing the light. Former activist Jack May writes:

I’ll put my hands up and admit it: I’m one of the nasties you’ve read about – a Stepford student. I was one of the original group of stony-eyed students who, our ‘brains bereft of critical faculties and programmed to conform’, conspired to set up a new publication to promote our ‘groupthink’ philosophy.

Read an interesting admission. They published just a couple of  realistic articles that partly contradicted the prevailing PC canon, then got no-platformed by fellow PC activists and went out of business. Not orthodox enough for the PC crew, yet “those with a more open political mind weren’t keen to be associated with a name that implied such closed-mindedness”.

Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights

OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT FOR ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE, BUT NOW THE PC CREW JUST GIVE IT AWAY: Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights, by Philip Carl Salzman.

Three members of the Afghan Shafia family of Montreal were recently convicted of murdering four female family members who they deemed to have been insufficiently modest, or too Canadian.

We are urged by champions of multiculturalism to acknowledge that each immigrant cultural community has a right to pursue its vision, values, customs, and practices. So increasingly public institutions, such as the Toronto schools, are providing space and time for Friday prayers, with girls required to sit in the back, and menstruating girls excluded altogether.

Recently two South Asians in British Columbia were convicted of murder of the daughter of one of them, having killed in retaliation for marriage to a man of an “inappropriate” caste. Is forced marriage acceptable as the custom of a cultural community? Are hierarchies of purity, as in the caste system, acceptable in North America?

We should be welcoming migrants to our nation and encouraging them to adopt our laws and values.

The most important idea countering relativism and multiculturalism is human rights, as elaborated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The position of human rights is an absolute one, arguing that everyone has certain rights by virtue of being a human being, irrespective of their origin or cultural community. Incoming immigrants and their cultural communities should be measured in their practices by the standards of UDHR.