Oscars: Hollywood hypocrisy on race and guns

OSCARS THIS YEAR DISPLAY HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRISY ON RACE AND GUNS: The Oscars Aren’t Racist – They’re Stuck in the Past, by Patrick T. Brown:

It is true that this year, none of the twenty nominees for Best Actor and Actress in either a lead or supporting role are non-white….

What leaves minority actors out in the cold when it comes to Oscar-nominated roles is not racial bias, but a predisposition in the film industry towards heavy-handed nostalgia. The movie industry can’t stay away from making and honoring self-referential films that celebrate the industry’s past and lament its demise as a cultural institution.

Meanwhile many celebrities will be wearing gun control bracelets while surrounded by massive increase in armed security.

UPDATE: Oscars, RIP, by Nicholas Stix:

The Oscar is the almost-90-year-old award that used to be the greatest honor in the motion picture industry. When, after a series of Affirmative Action nominations and wins, no blacks were nominated for the 2015 acting awards for the second straight year, black crybullies Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith (Pinkett Smith’s husband), threatened to “boycott” the February 28 Oscar presentation. They simply asserted that a lack of black nominees was proof of “racism.” The Academy immediately prostrated itself, announcing that it would make itself “less male and less white,” in other words, engage in the kind of reverse racism and sexism Americans were promised would not happen if 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act passed.

Purging white men. Hmm. Sounds familiar.