“Safe” schools program sex education: two awkward questions

PARENTS ARE THE BEST JUDGE  of their kids’ sex education needs, by Angela Shanahan:

The Safe Schools curriculum … is a radical form of sex education under the guise of an anti-bullying program.

Two problems for the PC. First, why is the material OK for 11 year olds but not parliamentarians:

[T]he following material from a Safe Schools student resource, “OMG I’m Queer”, was incorporated into the original petition. …

The Clerk of the Parliament censored this from the Queensland parliament’s e-petition website because it contained “intemperate” language.

Second, as Sinclair Davidson at Catallaxy points out, if it’s so “safe”

why is a federal government funded school program requiring students to ask their schools to relax firewall protections so that school children can access sexually explicit material on the internet?

h/t Matthew