“Safe” schools sex education sounds like grooming: George Christensen

“SAFE” SCHOOLS: Sounds like grooming: George Christensen.

A conservative government backbencher has issued a graphic critique of a schools program focused on gay and lesbian issues, accusing it of condoning child grooming.

George Christensen says the Safe Schools program recommends pornographic content, sex shops, sex clubs and adult communities to school kids in the name of an anti-bullying initiative.

He said the program had links to websites that advised kids about chest-binding, penis-tucking and gay sex and gave instructions to children about unblocking websites without their parents’ knowledge.

“The parents would probably call the police because it would sound a lot like grooming work that a sexual predator might undertake,” Mr Christensen told parliament on Thursday.

Family First senator Bob Day said the Safe Schools program had nothing to do with preventing bullying, labelling it “anti-parent”. Parents were not being consulted and children were being exposed to ideas contrary to the values of their families.

UPDATE: The program is defended at the Huffington Post by the usual suspects:

Christensen’s comments have been met with furious backlash.

“To compare a program that’s about helping young people to ‘grooming’ is utterly reprehensible. It’s profoundly offensive and deeply hurtful,” Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

“The Prime Minister should condemn this homophobia, rather than indulging it through this senseless investigation into safe schools.”