Rotherham abuse trial: Six guilty of sex offences

RAPE CULTURE: Rotherham abuse trial: Six guilty of sex offences. Convicted of the “systematic” sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rotherham. No mention of “Muslim” or “Islam” in this BBC article.

If you watched the ABC News over the last two years, you could not have missed story after story about Rolf Harris, though it was not obviously clear what he did wrong. Anyway, he was hounded and is in prison. On the other hand, you might have missed the news about the Rotherham Muslim sex gangs, who raped 1,400 young girls over 16 years and persisted despite numerous complaints because authorities were afraid of being called “racist” if they tacked it. The ABC News mentioned it only once, briefly, well into an episode, AFAIK — “there, covered, can’t complain we didn’t mention it.”

PC types scream about rape culture at white guys, but refuse to recognize a real rape culture — a prime example of PC double standards and selective enforcement for political advantage.