Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights

OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT FOR ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE, BUT NOW THE PC CREW JUST GIVE IT AWAY: Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights, by Philip Carl Salzman.

Three members of the Afghan Shafia family of Montreal were recently convicted of murdering four female family members who they deemed to have been insufficiently modest, or too Canadian.

We are urged by champions of multiculturalism to acknowledge that each immigrant cultural community has a right to pursue its vision, values, customs, and practices. So increasingly public institutions, such as the Toronto schools, are providing space and time for Friday prayers, with girls required to sit in the back, and menstruating girls excluded altogether.

Recently two South Asians in British Columbia were convicted of murder of the daughter of one of them, having killed in retaliation for marriage to a man of an “inappropriate” caste. Is forced marriage acceptable as the custom of a cultural community? Are hierarchies of purity, as in the caste system, acceptable in North America?

We should be welcoming migrants to our nation and encouraging them to adopt our laws and values.

The most important idea countering relativism and multiculturalism is human rights, as elaborated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The position of human rights is an absolute one, arguing that everyone has certain rights by virtue of being a human being, irrespective of their origin or cultural community. Incoming immigrants and their cultural communities should be measured in their practices by the standards of UDHR.