Male Sexual Nature and the Left’s Culture of Denial

MEN: Male Sexual Nature and the Left’s Culture of Denial, by Dennis Prager.

All previous generations … knew that male sexual nature is predatory. Without strong moral values working to inhibit their sexual nature, men will follow their natural impulse to grab women to whom they are attracted and use them sexually… Ironically, the people who most insist that human beings are just another animal are the ones most likely to deny this animal aspect of male nature. Instead they argue that men are “socially conditioned” to see women as sex objects — by our “Playboy culture,” by sexist ads, by pornography or some other elements of “patriarchy.”

The people who make this argument … put the cart before the horse. The Playboy culture, ads depicting women as sexual objects and pornography are the result of male nature, not the causes of male predatory sexual behavior.

There is virtually no pornography or sexual ads — and women display no flesh in public, sometimes not even their face — in most Muslim countries. Yet sexual assaults are far more common there, and Muslim immigrants commit a disproportionately high percentage of rapes in Western Europe.

And speaking of Western Europe, sexual ads — bordering on nudity — are commonplace; pornography is freely and widely available; and women wear whatever they want (or don’t want) in public, often showing a great deal of skin. Yet, despite all this, rape and other forms of sexual violence were relatively low among Western Europeans prior to the recent influx of Muslim immigrants.