Seven Reasons Democrats Should Be Terrified of Donald Trump

TRUMP KEEPS SURPRISING THE POLITICAL CLASS: Seven Reasons Democrats Should Be Terrified of Donald Trump, by Matthew Continetti. The entire political establishment has been saying Trump is unelectable for many months, but it now looks like he will be the Republican candidate. Here’s why he might further defy elite wisdom and win the presidency:

  1. Clinton’s Lead Is Surmountable
  2. Trump’s Positions are Popular
  3. Trump Will Have Months to Find and Occupy the Political Center
  4. Hillary Clinton is a Terrible Presidential Candidate
  5. The Country Wants Change
  6. Michael Bloomberg’s Entry into the Race Would Help Trump
  7. Global Chaos Helps Trump

The Democrats say Donald Trump is a joke. They call him names, dismiss his chances. What they do not understand is that we are in the midst of a political phenomenon not unlike the one that brought Barack Obama to the White House. You can’t stop it. You can’t control it. Donald Trump is tearing apart the GOP. And the Democrats are next.