European gay men as the Right’s new heroes

FIGHTING BACK: The Rise of the Alpha-Homo: European gay men as the Right’s new heroes, by James Campbell.

The rise in gay men who are concerned about Europe’s future is not just limited to charismatic TV personalities. At the grassroots level too, there is a lot of evidence that Europe’s gay men are leading the way in opposition to Islamification.

These “alpha-homos” remind me very much of Oscar Wilde. When a group of rugby boys arrived at Wilde’s dormitory to destroy his blue and white china, the 6′ 3″ Wilde picked up the first boy, threw him, and knocked them all down the stairs as if he was playing a game of skittles. Wilde then said, “Well boys, that’s enough of that game, if you want to I shall make you toast with anchovy butter and tell you stories.” The rugby boys meekly went back up the stairs, sat and were enraptured by his tales.