Denis Jensen speaks out against racist policies in Australia

THE NEW RACISM: Australian Federal MP Denis Jensen speaks out against racist policies in Australia:

I was born in South Africa into a nation that had a vile racist policy. I fought against this policy when at school and in university. I found reprehensible the various apartheid laws, such as those reserving certain jobs for whites and defining race, the pass laws and so on.

In my view, there should be no specific Indigenous policy. There should be no race descriptors. …

I am particularly disgusted with the headline in Saturday’s Weekend Australian, ‘Push for Aboriginal ID tests’. This takes me back to various racial identity tests that took place in South Africa. They were absolutely disgraceful. People would have to attend an office, and the authorities would look at their fingernails to determine whether they were blue or pink, because people with some ‘black’ blood were more likely to have more bluish-tinged fingernails. They would also do a pencil test in their hair, because people with ‘black’ blood were more likely to have curlier hair, so the pencil was more likely to stick. This sort of disgraceful nonsense ended up with a situation where you could have a brother and sister getting different racial designations, and the one who had the ‘white’ designation would then have nothing to do with their sibling for fear of being reclassified. This sort of disgraceful thing has got no place in civilised society.

I thought, when I migrated to Australia nearly 35 years ago, that I had left all of that behind. The fact that we are attempting to define what is Aboriginal or not, and what percentage blood makes a person Aboriginal, is racist and it is due to the nature of our laws, where many issues such as benefits, jobs et cetera are defined on the basis of race.

The ABC covers this speech, but omits the comparisons to South Africa and the powerful moral core of Jensen’s argument. Naturally the PC response is to ignore the merits of the argument, and to use name-calling to (a) discredit the person making the argument and to (b) distract from the argument:

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten responded to the comment by saying Mr Jensen was “away with the pixies”.

“His own party don’t even want him to be a member of Parliament,” Mr Shorten said.

PC bullying is endemic in our culture.