Snap review of “Safe” Schools LGBTI program

THE PERMANENT GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR KIDS: Malcolm Turnbull calls snap review of Safe Schools LGBTI program.

Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a snap review of the $8 million ­taxpayer-funded program aimed at teaching schoolkids about sexual orientation and transgender issues to avert a split in Coa­lition ranks erupting in parliament.

The independent review, which will report in March, was condemned by Labor, the Greens and the Australian Education Union as a “capitulation” to the Coalition’s conservative wing.

That last sentence says it all really.

Senator Bernardi said the Coa­lition partyroom shared concerns of parents who wanted schools to teach their children “reading, writing and arithmetic” rather than “indoctrinating them with a radi­cal political and social agenda”.