It’s time to ditch mulitculti

IT’S TIME. Multiculturalism has proven divisive, not coalescent, so let’s ditch it, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Craig Laundy, the new [Federal Australian] Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs … said that when people “dive into this debate” (about Islam) and “say controversial things, I would argue the vast ­majority are speaking from a position that is not well-informed”.

That’s multi-culti speak for saying shut up, you’re too stupid to understand Islam or question Islam’s ability to find an accommodation with fundamental Western values such as the separation of church and state, free speech, gender equality and so on.

Alas, people aren’t stupid. We see that countries ruled by the ­Islamic faith have cultures diametrically opposed to Enlightenment values. We can see enclaves of Muslim migrants in Western countries have kept practices at odds with those values.