The Rise of Intolerant Liberals

OBVIOUS TO ALL BUT THE PC. The Rise of Intolerant Liberals, by Kim Holmes.

Academic research is about proving a point rather than discovering the truth. Science is treated as the private preserve of a certain ideology, not to mention a political weapon to justify preferred policy outcomes. Mistaking as they do their ideology for morality, they see no reason to shun the most cynical of political tactics to get their way. For them, the end justifies the means.

You don’t say. Global warming springs to mind, as do most of the social “sciences”.

Second, liberalism today is not the liberalism of yesteryear

It is common to hear something along these lines: “I didn’t leave the left; they left me.”

Third, liberals have surrendered to (some would say created) the nasty culture of intolerance that infuses our popular culture. …

Now that they control so many of our institutions … they are closing the door behind them, making sure that no one, especially conservatives, will sneak in the back door.

Finally, liberalism has become hostile to open inquiry. Liberal intellectuals used to love open-ended debates because they thought they could win people over with their intelligence and wit. No more. Today’s liberal intellectuals are much more interested in stifling debates than having them. After all, who needs debates when all the big questions have been answered by their ideology? Liberals are no longer the scruffy radicals of Washington Square, but a tenured Mandarin class hotly competing for government research grants.

Wit? Nowadays a witty PC person is just an oxymoron.