The Week that Perished at Taki’s Magazine

WEEKLY TAKI: The Week that Perished at Taki’s Magazine included this response to the Pope’s questioning of Trump’s Christianity for wanting to build a wall:

What about the giant wall around the Vatican that was initially built to repel Muslim invaders?

And on transgender rights:

News emerged last week that in early February, an adult male moseyed into a women’s changing room at a Seattle swimming pool and proceeded to remove every stitch of clothing as the members of a young girls’ swim team gaped on in horror.

And criticism of the Polish magazine cover of “a highly distressed white woman swaddled in the Flag of Europe and being groped from all sides by sweaty, swarthy, stinky, greasy brown hands” brought forth the comment that

…of course the European public has no right to fear its women being raped and its ancestral homelands and culture being forever demolished by invading Mohammedan hordes, even though that’s precisely what’s happening.