Latest Australian of the Year wrought incredible injustice on a fellow Army Officer

AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR A PC JOKE, AGAIN. Miranda Devine ruthlessly pursues the latest Australian of the Year over the incredible injustice he perpetrated on a fellow Army Officer:

AUSTRALIAN of the Year David Morrison said this week that he refuses to be “defined by his critics”. Unfortunately, that is not his decision.

He also said he would make no effort to reach out to the troubled former Lieutenant Colonel he unjustly sacked over the so-called Jedi Council affair.

The most senior officer caught up in Morrison’s purge, known simply as “Ken”, knew nothing about the Jedi Council sex ring and never opened the emails.

He has twice attempted suicide since the scandal broke.

Get ahead in the modern Army by political correctness, not military skill or achievement. Devine calls for Morrison’s resignation.

David Morrison speaks exclusively to ABC News. Of course. And another arm of the state broadcaster’s empire defends Morrison, without ever mentioning his victim “Ken”. PC justice.